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Secret Lures Big Dummy ST 4.5

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This one was born out of the testing phase of the Flippin’ Stupid Tube.  We wanted to test the upper end of the diameters we could successfully produce, and this run caught our attention...and a ton of fish!   

Although we were skeptical of a tube this size at first glance, the trips to the lake proved undeniable results.  There are times and places that a tube this size produces quality bites, so rather than shelving them, we did a limited run for folks to try out.  They are approximately 4.5 inches and twice the diameter of a standard Stupid Tube. 

The body is sized specifically for the new HD Stupid Tube Jig Head  What makes them different is that they are big and fat, but not thickly walled.  That means they collapse quickly with minimal pressure and that translates into good hookups.  Like the Flippin’ Stupid Tube, we’re going to let our customers help us decide what colors to make next.

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