Savage Gear Prop Minnow

Savage Gear Prop Minnow

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Every bass angler has a special place in their heart for bladed prop baits. There are certain times of the year that bass will go out of their way to smash this style of lures. Unfortunately, some of the most effective places to use these are near vegetation and structure making their use limited at times.

Because of this we have made a completely weedless bladed prop bait by designing it with a proven hollow body design capable of going in the heaviest of cover. Its props are made of a high durometer flexible rubber delivers the sound and flash of a metal blade with an additional advantage.

Its flexible characteristics will allow it to shed any vegetation stuck on the blade with a twitch of the rod tip. Equipped with a heat shrinked heavy duty frog hook to prevent water intrusion in the body, the Prop Minnow makes sure no cast is wasted due to fouled hooks or a body full of water.

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