The most common response we hear from customers when trying on a pair of Bajíos for the first time is, “Wow, these are so clear—I see more and see better.” Here’s why:

Bajío is taking a completely new approach to light management. While others have technology that reduces yellow light, ours reduces blue light. 

We hear a lot about reducing blue light from computers, but the biggest producer of blue light is the sun. For those of us who spend more time on the water than in front of a screen, blocking the sun’s blue light is critical to our visions and our health.

Using proprietary techniques, Bajío is able to improve lens clarity, reduce blur, glare and haze while enhancing color and protecting your eyes from harmful rays. Blocking 95% of blue light up to 440 nm, Bajío sunglasses block more blue light than any other brand on the market. 

The result: See fish better in Bajíos.