Scum Frog | Trophy Series Chugger

Scum Frog | Trophy Series Chugger

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The Scum Frog Trophy Series Chugger gives you that killer "ka-bloop" sound proven to drive fish crazy and produce tremendous topwater strikes. As if that wasn’t enough it also delivers a tremendous “walk the dog” action to help you change up your presentation on the fly and adapt to your surroundings.

For best results, Scum Frog recommends that you fish the Trophy Series Chugger slowly around weedbeds, lily pads and stumps, or even in open water. Give it one big chug followed by a quick “walk the dog” segment, hesitate, then give it a couple more small chugs - and hold on tight! Equipped with a super sharp Scum Frog Premium Black Nickel double frog hook, which is pointed slightly up to increase your hooking percentage, the Scum Frog Trophy Series Chugger is a frog that truly does it all.

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